Karma in Trading What the Market Gods will not Approve

 Never show off what's a lot of money you have earned from trading career, because the gods will take it back all. You will be punished when you boast about your earning in trading.

The markets have a tendency to humble those who become too proud, and the bragging trader was tempting fate by openly reveling in his recent success. Traders who are successful over the long term rarely allow their victories to go to their heads, because in trading and in everyday life, pride often precedes a fall. Consider it a sort of “market karma” that keeps traders in line when they become too full of themselves.

Respect the market in the same way that a sailor respects the sea. Like an ocean, think of the market as a vast force of nature that can be navigated but cannot be dominated. Keep your head on straight when you’re trading well, and fight the urge to declare victory over the market.